Sky Tinted Waters

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What’s for dinner?

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Mine is the bigger one!

Mine is the bigger one!


Eating in Ely is rather gamey….. lots of fish, grouse, and venicine….. not to mention many other woodland critters shot by VCC students. I think next on the menu is squirell, beaver, and snapping turtle!


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I need a different job for the summer, working in the Garden Center at Walmart isn’t horrible, but I need something that pays well and I can do until college…. I don’t really mind what it is as long as I am able. I would prefer though something that has to do with parks work (just nature in general), or security, but I can’t find anything.


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The olympics should not be hosted by China. First off, Tibet should be free of the opression of the Chinese. The Chinese government controls every aspect of their citizens lives. The people are being controlled by the physical force of strict laws (police and military) and by the voice of propaganda. Not to mention how much corruption is happening in officials of the party, earning money off the poor that have no voice. Eventually something is going to break. The people of China need to realize that they should not be afraid of their government but the other way around.

This website II

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ok i guess it is coming together… maybe it’s not that hard, and I am inpressed by the picture upload time.

This website

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I have not been writing anything, as this site is seemingly difficult to figure out, I hate how it is set up. I wish it were as easy as other blogs, I don’t have the patience for something like this with dial up. I don’t really get how to do anything but blog on here, it would be nice to figure it out, but Idon’t want to waste my time trying to figure somthing out when it shouldn’t be too hard, but sure seems like it.