Internship search 2

Well… yesterday I was palnning on calling Frontenac after finding out that Bear Head Lake SP already had interns for the summer… I was going to call them right after taking aa shower, and when I was done with the shower I saw that Frontenac called me. So, maybe I’ll get an internship there, I had a chat with Brent Anderson about it- who I’m starting to get very familiar talking to after me trying to work there for grounds worker last summer, me volunteering there, and just myself going to the park. Hopefully I get to work there, but who knows… I’m just a college freshaman, so if anyone comes in with more college experience I’m probably screwed.

After talking with Frontenac, I called many other parks- most no one was there to pick up… but I talked to Lake Bronson State Park (most northwestern park in MN) and he sounded very intrigued in having me as an intern, it sounds very promising.

Then this morning I had Savana Portage SP call me (and wake me up), he informed me that currently they don’t have a position open, but is trying to get the state let them have an intern this year, if I ended up there I would most likely be a night patrol. He’s keeping my name and number just in case he gets the chance to have an intern.


This Lake Bronson SP is keeping me hopeful, I’m just trying to get my foot in the door to learn, and start my future with the parks system. I can’t wait to get out there and do something, this is beyond a job or career to me , it’s just so much more- I hope somone takes me  🙂

Becky Lake Trail in Bear Head Lake State Park

Becky Lake Trail in Bear Head Lake State Park


2 Responses to “Internship search 2”

  1. Well if you got one closer to home like Frontenac you would save lots of money.
    Also I see that you changed your theme on here, nice choice. I can’t find another theme on wordpress that lets me post the image sizes that I like.

  2. hope you get in to frontenac love it when you are around . glad to hear you are becomming one with gods great gifts to us!

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