Internship search…

 I have been searching for internships… it’s not so easy.
 There are a ton of internships all over the US that I could do but not get paid for.

There are a couple in Alaska that sound plausable, one would be me conoeing down two rivers “in the middle of nowhere” and checking up on the few camp sites and visitors that pass through, informing them about bear safety and leave no trace methods. They give you cpr training and whitewater rescue training. Apparently they make you have a shotgun… just in case something bad happens. Just patrol the river, and camp/hike when need be.
There are alos some where I could help in Alaskan parks and wilderness assisting current employees with tasks.

Another internship is in Idaho where the job would be finding out the population of cutthroat trout in streams in one particualr forest. I have to be able and willing to hike 10 miles a day and be able to wade in water for up to 8 hours… 🙂 Also there are a couple other internships in Idaho that sound quite nice…

Then there are many internships in California, alot of them sound really interesting and possible, but I don’t like the heat…

A very promising internship is in Illinois in WMA’s working to preserve waterfowl habitat.

Another internship is at Voyageurs in MN, I don’t know if I’d be able to get that one.

I created a list of all the State Parks in Minnesota on saturday.. next weekend I plan on calling alot of them. Main parks I’m planning on calling are… Frontenac, Afton, Nerstrand Bigwoods, Bear Head Lake, Temperence, and Tettagouche. febeuary-5th-008


2 Responses to “Internship search…”

  1. Aren’t htere any that you can get paid for? Why go far away for something that you’re not getting paid for and run out of money?

  2. thealdertree Says:

    I’m looking for something that will pay me. I’m going to call some state parks tomorrow. If I didn’t have to pay for college I’d gladly take one where i don’t get paid. The only way I can stay home is if Frontenac, Afton, or Nerstrand Bigwoods takes me.

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