Considering Wolves as of late

    I’ve seen another wolf while driving, and have noticed them much more as of late. While I go to bed the howls are echoed from somewhere north of the campus, I don’t know if I prefer it to the owl that kept on making noise, or when I first got here the loons with there beautiful & eree calls. While at work, I’ve been doing alot of brush removal and cutting up fallen birch trees with a bow saw by myself. This work is done at the resort, but with alot of the work it’s away from the actual resort and seems pretty remote. When dusk starts setting in they have been starting to howl, I think it’s a pack just on the other side of birch lake. I was throwing brush onto a burn pile in the mist (it’s been really misty, snowy, and foggy as of late) and heard them starting up again. I stopped and just looked out towards the lake through the norways and onto the fog rolling above the water, and just listened to the close yet far away calls coming from the lake. I just felt at peace and felt like mentioning it. Many noises come out of the superior national forest, and BWCAW, but I’m not afraid of any of them, I just appreciate them. I like being in the arrowhead of MN, many things are untrammeled by man yet. (but i still do miss home)timberwolf

(I still haven’t been able to catch any wolves on my camera yet, so this isn’t my pic)


2 Responses to “Considering Wolves as of late”

  1. I want to see a wolf! The only thing I would be scared of hearing up there is the roaring of a bear before he kills you. Darn bears.

  2. thealdertree Says:

    In the middle of winter I’m going to go out in the middle of nowhere and just sit in a tree and wait with my camera to see if i can get a photo

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