Sky Tinted Waters


5 Responses to “Sky Tinted Waters”

  1. Very purty Craigaroni. Soon you won’t be able to take any photos like that because the water is going to freeze and get that nasty white stuff on top.

  2. thealdertree Says:

    water froze up many times before already

  3. jamesjreller Says:

    Nothing beats mother nature, when it comes to true art.
    Keep busy, and enjoy your time in Ely! one of the most beautiful areas I know of.

  4. jamesjreller Says:

    when i see tinted sky and water like this i wish i could pick up a brush and paint what i see snory

  5. thealdertree Says:

    It’s too bad everything is covered in white now… but I suppose that gives new photo opportunity

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