What’s for dinner?



Mine is the bigger one!

Mine is the bigger one!


Eating in Ely is rather gamey….. lots of fish, grouse, and venicine….. not to mention many other woodland critters shot by VCC students. I think next on the menu is squirell, beaver, and snapping turtle!


6 Responses to “What’s for dinner?”

  1. Yay! Craig is back!
    Poor fishies, you’re not actually going to eat those other animals are you? What happened to mac ‘n cheese?

  2. thealdertree Says:

    Mac’n cheese costs money! I’m going to eat them if somone gets some!

  3. jamesjreller Says:

    Why the picture of the bait bucket with the minnows.
    Nice trout.
    Nothing wrong with wild game.
    Mom has been putting some food away in the freezer for you and Eric.
    Remember to keep the grades up!

    My back is killing me, but there are a lot less trees if you want to call boxelder and chinse elm trees.

  4. thealdertree Says:

    those sunnies looked alot bigger when we caught them in the dark…. still fileted them

  5. Dad just went shopping for you & Eric – lots of food.

  6. thealdertree Says:


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