I need a different job for the summer, working in the Garden Center at Walmart isn’t horrible, but I need something that pays well and I can do until college…. I don’t really mind what it is as long as I am able. I would prefer though something that has to do with parks work (just nature in general), or security, but I can’t find anything.


6 Responses to “Jobs”

  1. You wouldn’t be working that long at Wally World anyway. I guess you could always work at a golf course if you want to be outside.

  2. I would look on the DNR website for jobs. They always hire students for seasonal work. Checking boats for invasives or Dakota County parks as a park ranger or campground attendent. Conservation Corp would be another thing. Working on State trails etc. You would stay away from home. They pay plus food and lodging. I would recommend something that pretains to your career goals. Never to early to start building a resume. Good Luck

  3. thealdertree Says:

    I actually have been looking on the DNR website for jobs, and just yesterday I applied for NR Fisheries Census Clerk, I doubt I will get it though. The main problem is that the Hastings area has very few DNR jobs open. If I get a job with the DNR I’m sure I’ll have to move.

  4. abrilove Says:

    I think you should also apply for the Afton State Park grounds worker position. Sounds perfect for you.

  5. thealdertree Says:

    actually I have an interview at Frontenac State Park on thursday as an NR worker đŸ˜€

  6. Well, now you do have a new job. ;p

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